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Scientific Authors Agree That IVC Filters May Have Been Overused In Anticipation of Blood Clots Occurring | 2/26/2022

Bard IVC filter complications grew as more devices were implanted...READ MORE

IVC Filter Use Has Skyrocketed And So Have Patient Complaints | 2/22/2022

Bard IVC filters often tilt and the retrieval hook becomes inaccesable...READ MORE

IVC Filter Removal Continues To Generate Controversy In Medical Circles | 2/12/2022

Too many surgeons considered the IVC filter a permanent solution causing catastrophic complications...READ MORE

Pulmonary Embolism Kills Over 100,000 People Each Year Hospitalized With Traumatic Injury | 2/7/2022

Studies show that an IVC filter is next to useless in preventing pulmonary embolism in hospitalized trauma patients...READ MORE

Bard Faces Thousands Of IVC Filter Lawsuits Over The Product's Unique Inherent Design Defects | 2/2/2022

Not all IVC filters are made the same as some carry inherent product design defects and others work perfectly well ...READ MORE

Stanford's Dr. Kuo Has Helped Pioneer Advanced IVC Filter Laser Retrieval | 1/28/2022

The doctor has seen numerous IVC filter failure first hand that the patient had no idea was possible...READ MORE

Doctors Struggle With Deciding When Is The Optimal Time To Remove A Patient's IVC Filter | 1/14/2022

The risks and dangers of IVC filter removal have been kept from patients but are real and life-threatening...READ MORE

Doctors May Use IVC Filters More Often Now That Laser Removal Is An Option | 1/10/2022

The FDA recommends that the device be left in place no longer than 30 days to avoid life-threatening complications...READ MORE

IVC Filter Lasers Highlights Focus Attention On Removal Complications | 1/4/2022

Surgeons in the past were satisfied when they were unable to retrieve an IVC filter and just left them inside patients...READ MORE

IVC Filter Retrieval Complications Have Been Known For Years | 12/30/2021

Physicians may be ignoring the warnings from the UK and the US regarding the dangers of leaving an IVC filter in place too long...READ MORE

Lasers May Now Enable Doctors To Safely Retrieve Embedded IVC Filters | 12/22/2021

A new laser medical device was approved by the FDA the other day that could make it possible to remove IVC filters intact...READ MORE

IVC Filters May Do Nothing To Prevent Death Or Pulmonary Embolism For Trauma Patients | 12/16/2021

One study concluded that surgeons reach for an IVC filter too often, before exhausting all anticoagulant medication option...READ MORE

IVC Filters Can Help Save The Lives Of Young People That Experience Multiple Sudden Blood Clots | 12/1/2021

The IVC filter may be indispensable when used as a temporary life-saving blood clot trapping device...READ MORE

The FDA Recommends That An IVC Filter Stay In Place No Longer Than Two Months | 11/26/2021

Lawsuits have brought to light that some doctors never intended to retrieve the filter, and those who did had no training to do so...READ MORE

Bard Sales Reps, Surgeons, And Even The FDA All Looked The Other Way And Failed To Warn IVC Filter Patients | 11/18/2021

An important point of law was decided by a Washington federal judge that will affect hundreds of plaintiffs pursuing Bard IVC filter litigation...READ MORE

Patients Should Know Of All Of The Risks Of Having An IVC Filter Implanted To Trap Blood Clots | 11/12/2021

Doctors are required to report any complaints they receive from IVC filter patients to the FDA...READ MORE

Ozone Cleaning Products Are Not FDA Approved And May Be Responsible For CPAP Foam Insulation Breakdown | 11/12/2021

Philips is recommending that customers and patients do not use ozone cleaning products on sleep apnea machins...READ MORE

Blood Clot Patients Chest Pain Patients Are Talking To IVC Filter Lawyers About Holding Bard Accountable | 11/5/2021

IVC filter lawyers guide clients through the complexities of filing a lawsuit and take the fear out of the process...READ MORE

The IVC Filter Is Substantially Similar To The Faulty And Defective Essure Birth Control Device | 11/1/2021

It is never a good idea to place metal within the human body intending to leave it there permanently....READ MORE

The Food And Drug Administration Has Been Warning Surgeons About The IVC Filters Design Flaws For More Than A decade | 10/28/2021

The IVC filter should have been recalled years ago if anyone was listening to the complaints being made to the FDA...READ MORE

IVC Filter Heart Pain Could Be From The Device Having Fractured Into Pieces | 10/25/2021

Doctors may fail to warn their patients that they could die from a sudden heart attack because they could not retrieve all Bard IVC filter fragments...READ MORE

Bellwether Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Highlights The Design Flaws | 10/20/2021

Executives at Bard should have known that the IVC Filter's design promoted tilting and migration...READ MORE

IVC Filters Could Be Unnecessary If A Person Leads A Healthy Lifestyle | 10/15/2021

Physicians and patients need to work together and make lifestyle changes that could prevent the need for an IVC filter...READ MORE

The EPA's Farm Flagger Ban Came Decades Too Late for Thousands of Farm Workers Who Now Have Parkinson's disease | 10/12/2021

Farmworkers who are on the ground when paraquat is sprayed may have the highest likelihood of developing paraquat Parkinson's disease...READ MORE

Bard IVC Filters May Tilt, Migrate and Perforate The Artery Where They Were Implanted | 10/11/2021

Bard IVC filters have been causing hundreds of injuries and more than 25 deaths ...READ MORE

A Report Published In 2006 Documented IVC Filter Catastrophies | 10/5/2021

An IVC filter may only trap blood clots temporarily and become the source if not removed ...READ MORE

Medical Safety Groups Call For The End of the FDA Fast-Track Medical Device Approval Process | 9/30/2021

Bard IVC filters received fast-track FDA approval but are proving to be ill-conceived and cause serious injuries ...READ MORE

IVC Filters May Not Be Needed And Offer No Reduction In Mortality | 9/27/2021

The efficacy of IVC filters is being called into question by scientific studies while plaintiff lawyers focus on the potential catastrophic injuries caused by the device ...READ MORE

IVC Filters Are Implanted As A Last Resort And Left In Place Only If Blood Clotting Continues And There Is No Alternative | 9/24/2021

The IVC filter strategy may only postpone a patient's inevitable death if nothing can stop blood clots from forming in the first place ...READ MORE

IVC Filters Are A Bad Idea Fraught With Life-Threating Complications | 9/20/2021

A Chinese study questions the effectiveness of the IVC filter in the best of scenarios ...READ MORE

Doctors May Consider Vitamin K Anti-Coagulant Therapy Before Recommending IVC Filters | 9/15/2021

More and more heart doctors may hesitate to implant IVC filters when they become aware of the dangers and complications. ...READ MORE

Surgeons May Not Be Able To Retreive the Bard IVC Filter After Two or Three Months | 9/11/2021

An inferior vena cava filter may work as advertised, but the patient's life is at risk when it comes time to be removed ...READ MORE

A High Failure Rate For IVC Filter Removal Can Be Expected And Surgeons Should Prepare For The Worse | 9/7/2021

IVC filter surgeons should learn to use lasers to address complications from eventual filter removal surgery ...READ MORE

Thousands Of IVC Filters May Eventually Experience Catastrophic Failure | 9/2/2021

A five percent IVC failure designation seems acceptable on the surface, but not for the thousands of people whose lives are at risk ...READ MORE

Most Bard IVC Filters are Doomed To Failure and Surgeons Would Never Attempt To Retrieve It | 8/31/2021

Surgeons who fail to tell their patients that the IVC filter is only a temporary solution have trained to implant the device but have no idea how to remove it...READ MORE

A California Jury Finds The Bard IVC Filter Is Negligently Designed | 8/27/2021

Leaving a retrievable IVC filter in too long can cause life-threatening blood clots and device migration ...READ MORE

Scar Tissue Build Up After 60 Days May Prevent Safe Bard IVC Filter Removal | 8/23/2021

Doctors rarely attempt to remove the Bard IVC filter within 60 days as is recommended when the threat of blood clots persist ...READ MORE

IVC Filter Removal Requires Using Force When Trapped In Place By Scar Tissue | 8/19/2021

Cardiologists are more concerned with preventing heart attacks in critically ill patients than training how to remove the device safely ...READ MORE

Bard IVC Filters Have Caused Severe Damage More Than 10% Of The Time | 8/14/2021

Seriously ill patients are told incorrectly by their doctor that they have a better chance of survival with the IVC filter than if they decline the procedure...READ MORE

A Fourth Jury Finds Bard IVC Filters Defective | 8/10/2021

For the fourth time since post-pandemic trials began a Federal jury has found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded lump-sum monetary damages to individuals who were injured by the faulty Bard IVC filter...READ MORE

Patients With IVC Filters Should Contact Their Physicians Immediately | 12/21/2018

IVC filter patients should make sure their doctor is aware of the latest FDA guidance that physicians remove their IVC filter...READ MORE

Lawsuits Filed Across Wide Variety of IVC Filter Manufacturers | 12/18/2018

IVC filter manufacturers are being sued by thousands of patients...READ MORE

IVC Filter Patients May Be Eligible to File A Claim Against CR Bard | 12/13/2018

The IVC filter may cause life-threatening blockages if it works as intended...READ MORE

IVC Filter Manufacturers Profit When Patients Misinformed | 12/10/2018

Exercise and proper diet can eliminate most blood clot abnormalities...READ MORE

IVC Filter Litigation is Growing Every Day | 12/7/2018

The IVC Filter was intended to be the exception to the rule in preventing pulmonary embolism but may be overused by physicians...READ MORE

Doctors May Be Neglecting IVC Filter Device Patients | 12/4/2018

Doctors implanting the IVC Filter into their patients have an ethical responsibility to monitor their patients and to remove the device when it is no longer needed...READ MORE

CR Bard Forced To Compensate Injured IVC Filter Patients | 11/27/2018

Positive court outcomes encourage others who have been injured by the faulty and defective medical device...READ MORE

Judge Confirms IVC Filter Malfunction and Punitive Damages Award | 8/31/2018

It is usually better to know the answer to a question before asking it. Failing to do so may do more harm than good and reinforce an opponent's case unnecessarily...READ MORE

Bellwether Trials Underway For Bard IVC Filters | 8/29/2018

Thousands of individuals are suing Bard claiming that their IVC filter has done more harm than good...READ MORE

The Bard IVC Filter May Not Have Been Adequately Tested | 8/27/2018

The FDA's flawed fast-track approval process may have let the faulty Bard IVC Filter make it to patients suffering from recurrent pulmonary embolisms before the device was ready...READ MORE

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