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Judge Confirms IVC Filter Malfunction and Punitive Damages Award | 8/31/2018

It is usually better to know the answer to a question before asking it. Failing to do so may do more harm than good and reinforce an opponent's case unnecessarily...READ MORE

Bellwether Trials Underway For Bard IVC Filters | 8/29/2018

Thousands of individuals are suing Bard claiming that their IVC filter has done more harm than good...READ MORE

The Bard IVC Filter May Not Have Been Adequately Tested | 8/27/2018

The FDA's flawed fast-track approval process may have let the faulty Bard IVC Filter make it to patients suffering from recurrent pulmonary embolisms before the device was ready...READ MORE

No-Cost, No-Obligation Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Case Review for Persons or Families of Persons Who Suffered from Organ Damage, Severe Bleeding, Stroke, or Death

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